Like the Radiant Sun
A Novel by Anu Kay

"Like the Radiant Sun" is a modern-day mystery that takes you on a journey across the Old World – from the spiritual Varanasi to the romantic Venice, and from the lush landscapes of Kerala to the sacred Mount Kailash. This tale revolves around an ancient Indian martial art – The Marma Kala, offering a cross-genre experience of magical realism, action, and murder mystery.

This is a story inspired by the profound wisdom found in the Vedas and Indian epics.

Now available worldwide on Amazon, in Indian bookstores, and other online platforms

Praise for ‘Like the Radiant Sun’

'A confluence of mythology, mysticism and masterful narrative'

'In a vast reservoir of mythological fiction available in India, I am certain, the debut novel of Anu Kay will not get lost in the mist of time.'

- Dr Sunaina Jain, Muse India, the literary ejournal

‘There are certain books which has a voice of its own. Voice in the sense that the emotions portrayed are so vivid as if at some places you feel that it’s your own thoughts which are being echoed in the book. Like the Radiant Sun: A Novel is one of those books.’ 

- Let's Talk Knowledge, The Read Era 

‘Anu kay's "Like a radiant sun" wipes the forbidden dust away from one of these manuscripts and presents it to the readers.’ 

- The Indian Book Club

‘Well-researched and rendered novel. A Must Read!’ 

-Aneesha Shewani, Himalayan Book Club

‘The novel has a quality storyline that feeds upon its thriller elements, suspense and mystery, and an exciting series of events.’              

– V Jha, ReadByCritics

‘A well-researched, meticulously encapsulated piece that will stay with you like a lilting, haunting melody even long after you stop listening to it.’ 

– Rekha Bhagtani, Booxoul

‘The powerhouse Author of Like the Radiant Sun… smashing piece of work by her…’ 

– Rekha Bhagtani, Booxoul

‘Like the Radiant Sun by Anu Kay has been a surprising, wondrous read.’ 

– Neelam, Book Blogger on Instagram

'An unbelievable climax that will astound you. The cover and title have my heart.'  

- Vidhya Thakkar, Book Blogger and Influencer

‘Writing style is absolutely beautiful. It’s the pinnacle of storytelling which every reader craves for.’

 - Sumith Chowdhury, Change the world

‘There's been a lot of research put behind this piece of work be it in designing cover, editing or the plot.’ 

– Bookelf magazine

‘Writing style of the book is quite perfect…’ 

– Debabrata Mishra| Mr. Reviewer

'Solid research behind the narrative and taut writing definitely kept me reading.'

 – Khyati Gautam, Bookish Fame

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