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Like the Radiant Sun

A modern-day mystery that takes you to the Old World, from Varanasi to Venice, from Kerala to Mount Kailash. A tale of an ancient Indian martial art – The Marma Kala. A cross-genre of magical realism, this story is inspired by the Vedas and Indian epics.

‘Like the Radiant Sun’ is a quote from Rigveda 1.43.5.


Available on Amazon worldwide and at Crossword Bookstores across India

The story of a manuscript

Archaeologist Rohan Sharma is in Varanasi to renovate the Shiva temple. He stumbles upon the Marma Kala, an ancient manuscript on martial arts. A woman with dreadlocked hair crosses his path. He notices her following him, watching him. His own life plunges into danger when he tries to decipher the cryptic manuscript. As he goes deeper into the labyrinth of secrecy, a series of murders take place. His journey across the Old World brings new light to the history of the manuscript. When he finally meets the most inspiring luminary of humankind, it takes him a while to recognise the master...

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