Like The Radiant Sun: Exploring Vedic Marma Kala And The Story Behind The Book 

By Anu Kay

It was in 2010, while on holiday in Kerala, that I developed acute stomach-ache. A close friend of mine introduced me to an old Ayurveda doctor who treated my condition. When I recovered after a few days, he told me that if I wanted my stomach not to trouble me again, I needed to follow his advice. I did and it transformed my life. I do yoga, walk in the forest, meditate, touch the soil, eat local-grown vegetables, eat moderate, drink warm water, avoid sugar and keep smiling. Like he suggested, I concentrate on my breath, stay calm and distance myself from the situation whenever I get agitated.

Exploring Ancient Indo-European Roots Through My Debut Novel Like the Radiant Sun

By Anu Kay

I take the journey back to India regularly. Each time I return, I go through the same mixed emotions. People have moved on with their lives, my earlier impressions of them are not the same anymore. They look different and the place appear strange. On the other hand, they feel similar about me – I don’t speak like I used to when I left the place, my looks have altered and my behaviour is not the same it used to be. Regardless of the emotions tied, each trip offers me an overwhelming new experience. After many years of searching for a new home, for a new identity, I have gone back to where I started. As the saying goes, all journeys end at the place where they began. Then I realised, I am unique in my own way – born in India, living in Europe - this is the new me. 

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